Director Development Training

The Institute undertakes facilitation of Director development trainings aimed at equipping Board Members and Senior Management in understanding the overview of the principles and concepts that form the basis of corporate governance. The topics include; Corporate Governance in practice, Ethics and Integrity, Integrated Reporting, Governance of Risk, Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement, Governance of Strategy and Leadership and Change management.

In pursuance of its main objectives, the Institute consults and encourages enterprises to organize, among other priority activities, Director Development Workshops for their respective enterprises. The Institute of Directors of Zambia provides leaders of business in the private and state owned enterprise sectors with education and learning opportunities through:-

  • One-day Director Development programs on Corporate Governance, directorship and board effectiveness.
  • In-house Director Development Programs for both business and government enterprises designed around specific client needs.
  • Up – to – date information regarding both local and international Corporate Governance and directorship trends.
  • Intensive longer programs dealing with board learning issues in alliance with leading business schools and institutions.
  • Board Evaluations

The workshops are handled by teams of up to four resource persons from the Institute.  The resource persons cover relevant topics on:

  • Corporate Governance (roles, responsibilities, duties and liabilities of the board of directors, Chief Executive Officers and other members of senior management)
  • Risk and Audit
  • Strategic Planning and Governance
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Financial Oversight Reporting and Control
  • Fraud Prevention and Sound Management Systems
  • Clinical Governance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Building

Board Appraisal and Evaluation

IoD provides the services of independent assessment of the general performance of Boards, Committees, Directors and the Board Chairperson.  The exercise enables Boards have an independent and impartial advise which is useful to foster development. IoD undertakes to highlight among other things; skill mix in Boards, Board practices and procedures, succession planning, and identify Board inputs and outputs.

IoD is able to provide a tailor-made trainings at clients premises at a time that is convenient to the client.


IoDZ also engages in consultancies in the following areas:

  • Corporate Governance Audits
  • Board Charter Development
  • Board Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Organizational Structure Development
  • Motivation, Development and Team Building